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Show 004 – “We’re on iTunes!”

Show Notes:
– iPad2 coming
– Amazon streaming for Prime accounts
– 360 degree virtual reality music video
– Video of the week: Angry Birds playable cake

Show 003 – “TV Catches Cold!”

Show Notes:
– Nokia and Microsoft enter alliance
– Dozens of Facebook phones coming
– WebOS not coming to legacy phones
– Video of the week: News reporters have trouble

Show 002 – “Mouth Of Steel”

Show Notes:
– HPalm introduces new hardware
– AT&T struggles to keep iPhone users
– Firefox announces version release roadmap
– Video of the week: Your body as a music instrument

Show 001 – “Uhm…”

Show Notes:
– Android Market and Honeycomb 3.0
– Angry Birds game and movie
– Nasa finds most distant galaxy yet
– Video of the week: Today Show discovers ‘Internet’