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Show 009 – “Lots of Edits”

Show Notes:
– Kansas City, KS wins Google Fiber Project
– Amazon: Cloud Drive & Cloud Player service
– NASA unveils Orion spacecraft project
– Video of the week: 2,700 toothpicks in a beard

Show 008 – “Trying New Things”

Show Notes:
– AT&T buys T-Mobile for $39B
– Get HTC Thunderbolt from Amazon for $175
– Firefox 4 released
– Video of the week: PingPong Ball Boy

Show 007 – “Live via Skype”

Show Notes:
– Jen reports in from NY live via Skype
– iPad2 Released (Poptropica reports)
– Sprint defines unlimited
– Video of the week: Microwave Explosion

Show 006 – “Gremlins In The Studio”

Show Notes:
– Microsoft pays $1B to Nokia
– Google zaps malware from handsets and app store
– Fossilized aliens found in meteorites?
– Video of the week: Robot charges itself

Show 005 – “On Top Of Your Game”

Show Notes:
– iPad2 announced
– Motorola Xoom news
– Bing surpases Yahoo!
– Video of the week: Gotta have an iPhone