Terron Vawter

Terron is no newbie when it comes to tech.  His first computer was a Commodore 64 back in the day when computing meant 300 baud modems, 64 kilobytes of memory, and 5.25″ floppy disks. Logging into a BBS was all the rage and programming your own apps in Basic made adults Oooo and Ahhh! He also spent many an hour jumping alligator infested ponds in Pitfall, zapped electric forcefields in Yars’ Revenge, and flipped the board many times over in Pacman on his Atari 2600. He nabbed his first cellphone in 1990 when you actua lly got charged a fee every time a phone call routed to another tower while traveling and you could eaves drop on other analogue cellular calls with relative ease.

1988 is when he got involved in video production at his high school. He got an internship at a cable company and radio station where he quickly moved up the ranks from intern to videographer to producer/director. During his time there he was involved in all aspects of live and preproduced broadcast television. In 1997, he started his own production company using industry standard BetaSP (not VHS’s competitor) and became a well known resource for video both regionally and nationally.

He sold his production company in 2003 and got into real estate after producing a television show for a Realtor friend of his. His vehicle was equipped with a computer stand which held a laptop attached to the burgeoning cellular data cards and a printer in the back seat ready to generate an contract on the spot when needed. That was high tech 8 years ago.

The real estate market was great for a while, but as everyone knows, became the Limburger cheese of investing. He’s since worked in several freelance rolls over the years, but has decided to begin dipping his toes back in the world of video production full-time as high speed internet, blogging, and HD video has come of age. His first real project is this, UberTechTV. With more projects on the horizon, he excited as ever to get back into the world of high tech!


Jen Paige

Jen got involved with the show after having been strong armed by Terron to be on it!  Ha!  But Jen is no stranger to video.  In 2008, she hosted a short-lived preproduced television series featuring local businesses.  Over the years, she’s appeared in small capacities here and there and is always looking for an outlet to showcase her talents.

Although her knowledge of gadgets and consumer electronics is a work in process, she still has a mindset towards computers.  At her J.O.B. (we don’t like to say that ugly word around here), she is Project Manager at an IT and technical sourcing company contracting for an international company where her team manages databases, generates reports, and presents various metrics to executives.  As fulfilling as her J.O.B. is, she still likes to find time to be on UberTechTV.



Princess Poptropica

Now, Poptropica is just getting into tech.  For the show,  she’s learned to operate camera as well as make on air appearances as a location reporter and in studio.  She’s still waiting in line to learn how to edit if Terron can ever get off the machine!  She’s had lots of time using her smartphone and we won’t EVEN go into detail about how many text messages she uses in a month.

Poptropica has been tinkering with Photoshop because she loves taking pictures.  She’s definitely a shutterbug and can always be seen with a camera in her hand.  She enjoys cosplay and has a wig collection that just seems to grow by the day!  Poptropica is a skilled artist and has won state awards for her talents.  In addition to that, she is a fantastic writer and is on target to include writing as a part of her life, no matter what career path she selects.  She too was wrangled in to do the show because of Terron, but doesn’t seem to mind too much!